Vietnam Snaps by Bada Baro

Today we are glad to present you Beatriz Bada Baro, a photographer who loves streets, travelling and arts.
Malade Nation: What Camera do you use?
Bada Baro: I used to work with a Nikon, now I´m shooting with a mirrorless α6400, also I use a Werlissa and a Polaroid image2.
Malade Nation: What do you try to capture?
Bada Baro: The most important for me is the composition, when I walk thru your city or even in new place, I try to look it in artistic way, I have predilection for architectural photography.

One thing I love is the Dutch angle, which allows me to play with lines and figures. 
Malade Nation: Do you have any plan in the near future for your snaps?
Bada Baro: I´m working on a physical format, I would like to launch a book or a fanzine soon.
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